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Linux Unified Key Setup

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Linux Unified Key Setup

"LUKS" redirects here. For the American painter, see George Luks. In computing, the Linux Unified Key Setup or LUKS is a disk-encryption specification created by Clemens Fruhwirth and originally intended for Linux.
While most disk encryption software implements different and incompatible, undocumented formats, LUKS specifies a platform-independent standard on-disk format for use in various tools. This not only facilitates compatibility and interoperability amongst different programs, but also assures that they all implement password management in a secure and documented manner.[1]
The reference implementation for LUKS operates on Linux and is based on an enhanced version of cryptsetup, using dm-crypt as the disk encryption backend. Under Microsoft Windows, LUKS-encrypted disks can be used with FreeOTFE.
The design of LUKS aimed to conform to the TKS1 secure key setup scheme.

  1. Upload Script to your root Server
  2. chmod 0777
  3. ./
  4. Setup the Wizard
  5. Have pfun
# by cr4shyyy auto dmcrypt-server

# Dmcrypt Repository
aptitude install -y pciutils psmisc cryptsetup pwgen xfsprogs xfsdump

cat /dev/null > /root/myhddpass-remove-me.remove
pwgen 200 1 >> /root/myhddpass-remove-me.remove

#crypt setup
echo "Please Enter your HDD name such as /dev/sda3" 
read BLA

echo "Please Enter the Mountname such as sda1_crypt" 
read BLA1

#Get random password from pwgen
echo "========"
echo "WARNING!"
echo "========"
echo "Your 200 digit Password for your lukscrypt"
cat /root/myhddpass-remove-me.remove

#Start cyrpt Setup mount @ /home
modprobe dm_mod
cryptsetup luksFormat $BLA
cryptsetup luksOpen $BLA $BLA1
mkfs.xfs -l size=128m -d agcount=4 -i attr=2,maxpct=5 -L storage /dev/mapper/$BLA1
mount /dev/mapper/$BLA1 /home

#Start Script by cr4shyyy
cat /dev/null > /root/startServer.bash
echo "#!/bin/bash" >> /root/startServer.bash
echo "echo dm-crypt Passworteingabe" >> /root/startServer.bash
echo "cryptsetup luksOpen $BLA $BLA1 && mount -onoatime,delaylog,logbufs=8,logbsize=256k /dev/mapper/$BLA1 /home/" >> /root/startServer.bash
chmod 700 /root/startServer.bash
df -h

#Rmove luks Password
echo "========"
echo "WARNING!"
echo "========"
echo "Please Remove your luks Password file from your hdd /root/myhddpass-remove-me.remove"

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